Pricing guide

Free $0

For non profit ogranizations.

For startups until they provide paid service for their customers (coming soon).

For public usage (all spaces are public).

Standard cloud $7 user / month

$9 when billed monthly


All existing and new features, no extra payments!

Unlimited file storage.

24 / 7 availability.

Support via online-chat, email.

Secured and hosted on Amazon AWS.

Discounts starts from 50 users.

Private cloud $20 user / month

$25 when billed mothly


Dedicated cloud infrastructure.

Your own domain (

Direct access to database.

SSO authorization.

50 users minimum

What features included?


  • Vertical (2 levels) and horizonal lanes
  • Placement of several boards on same space (workspace)
  • Use same boards on different spaces
  • Default card type per board
  • Default tags per board
  • SLA track


  • Type, title, description, due date, size
  • Owner, responsible, members
  • Tags
  • Checklists
  • Comments
  • Links between cards
  • Block by text or card (or both)
  • File attachments (unlimited)
  • Google Drive, Dropbox attachments


  • Sprint boards
  • Burndown and velocity charts
  • Sprint reports


  • WIP-limits for column, lane or even cell
  • Cumulative flow diagram (CFD)
  • Spectral chart and lead time trend
  • Throughtput and cycle time diagrams
  • Control chart


  • Roles (software engineer, quality spectialist, etc...)
  • Time log
  • Time log reports
  • Invoices (coming soon!)


  • Email – create and leave comments to cards right from email client
  • Slack, Telegram bots – personal notifications, comments, information about deadlines
  • Slack webhook – everything what happents on space translated to Slack channel
  • Github, Gitlab – commits information
  • RESTful API