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User Story Mapping
Service Desk


Add as many boards on one screen as you need. This feature helps you to build your workflow with accuracy. And to configure processes on the go.

Add description, files, images, due dates, estimates, comments and more to the task.

User Story Mapping

Keep your plans up to date and understandable by everyone

Unlimited story maps
No extra fee

Flexible permissions

Connected with

Story Map Card

Title, description and size

Allows you to describe all valuable details of task and fill estimation


If your task is not connected to card in kanban boards you can still track it’s state

Relation to kanban cards

Connect story map card to kanban cards so your plans will be always up to date with tactical work!

Why Kanban method is cool?

Spoiler: we also support Scrum

Kaiten is a powerful tool based on the Kanban philosophy.
It has everything you need to implement the Kanban method
easily - WIP limits, SLA, explicit policies and more.

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Integrated service desk

If you are big company then you have service departments like System administration teams that handle incoming requests from employees.

service departament
service departament

Usually internal support might look like this

With Kaiten’s service desk

Service departament
Service departament


Connect Kaiten to the tools you already use to manage
your work even more effectively

Email Email


Get notifications, add comments and create cards by emails

Github Github


Move your cards automatically with commit messages or pull requests

Pipedrive Pipedrive


View all your deals on the boards in Kaiten

Zapier Zapier


Integrate Kaiten with thousands of applications by Zaps

Slack Slack


Create cards directly from chats, get notifications in channels and many more

Trello Trello


Import all your boards from Trello to see whole history analytics on useful charts

telegram telegram


Get notifications in your favourite messenger

Gitlab Gitlab


Move your cards automatically with commit messages or pull requests

Api Api


Create your own integrations with your tools by powerful API interface

Informative Reports

Use data-driven approach to make
your process effective

Cumulative flow diagram
This chart also known as “workflow pulse”. The chart shows you how many cards you have on each stage of you process.
Cycle time
The chart provides an information about the time tasks spend on each workflow stage. You can see each column visited by card and understand how many time it took.
Spectral chart
On the chart you can find number of days on the horizontal axis and amount of cards completed for that number of days on the vertical one.
Burndown chart
A burn down chart is a graphical representation of work left to do versus time. The outstanding work (or backlog) is often on the vertical axis, with time along the horizontal. That is, it is a run chart of outstanding work. It is useful for predicting when all of the work will be completed.

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