Not just a task board but a virtual space for collaboration

TL;DR: Demo
Space (workspace) – is a place where you can create several boards and grant certain users permissions to open it

You can even gather existing boards from different spaces and see how work flows through your teams

See big picture and dive deeper if needed

Development block from above is top-level view for space below

This feature called Summary board, it helps decompose cards and create different flows (business, technical, etc...)

Powerful visual signals


Simple visual signal yet very useful. Tell anyone why this card is not moving forward.

Blocked by card

Apart from text reason for block, one card can block another (actually any number of them).

Blocking card

Card becomes yellow when it blocks other cards.

Inside card

Type, due date and size

Generate your own types and assign them to cards. Use due dates for cards with fixed deadlines


With checklist you can easily create subtasks


You can link cards together – decompose big tasks or just telling what cards are related. Easy!

And more...
  • File uploads (or links to Google drive, Dropbox cloud storages)
  • Comments
  • Tags
  • User roles (owner, responsible, member)

Kaiten is powerful yet simple