Tables in documents, shared checklist for several cards, deadline in scheduled tasks

What’s new in Kaiten in a short line

Tables in documents, shared checklist for several cards, deadline in scheduled tasks

Hey! What’s new in Kaiten in a short line

  1. Added support for tables in documents and prepared instructions.
  2. On the timeline and grid, you can change the width of columns, add and remove columns, filter cards.
  3. Date selector in the chart “Throughput”.
  4. Deadline for scheduled tasks.
  5. New filters by card name and card path.
  6. Shared checklist for several cards.

Now go for the details.

Support for tables in Kaiten documents

In Kaiten docs, you can create tables from scratch.

Cost accounting table in Kaiten document

To create a table, click on the purple plus button and select “Table” from the drop-down menu.

How to insert tables in Kaiten docs

Alternatively, you can simply copy and paste a spreadsheet from Excel or Google Sheets.

Updated filtering system for cards on the timeline and in grid

You can flexibly adjust the filter and work without being distracted by the cards you don’t need.

Filters in grid

How to setup

Go to tables or timeline. Click the “Filters” button and set the parameters by which you want to filter cards.

Adding fields to the timeline

You can add a column with the information you need next to the name of the card on the timeline. This will save you time in high-level planning, because you will not need to open every card to find out the deadline for the task, who is responsible, whether there is a blockage, etc.

New columns on timeline

How to setup

Open the timeline → click on the “Fields settings” button → mark the fields that you need.
To make all the added fields visible, adjust the size of the box with fields. To do this, drag the block border to the right or left.

You can change the width of columns in grid, timeline or archive

Just pull on the border and slide it to the right or left. Kaiten will remember your settings, so you won’t have to adjust anything the next time you visit.

Changing the width of columns

On the timeline, in addition to the field settings, the scale will be preserved.

Date selector added to the “Throughput” chart

You will be able to find out how many tasks the team completed in any given period of time.

Date selector in “Throughput” chart

Deadline can be added to scheduled tasks

The due date can be set in two ways: specify the exact date, or select the number of days after creation. This will save you time and help you complete routine tasks on time.

Due date in scheduled task

How to setup

Click the yellow watch face icon in the menu on the right → Create Task → Add Field → Due Date → Set Deadline

Filters by title and path of cards

The Title Filter searches for cards by full title, individual words, and even letters.

Filter by card title

The path filter searches for cards based on their location.

Filter by card path

Shared checklist for several cards

Useful for synchronizing the work of several specialists. For example, a programmer in his card will see that the website layout from the designer is ready, and will start his part of the work.

Shared checklist for two cards

How to setup

Add a checklist to the card → click on the three dots to the right of the checklist name → select “Create shared checklist” → select the card with which you want to maintain a shared checklist → click “Share to the card”.

Now the change in the checklist in one card will automatically be displayed in the other. For example, if you delete a checklist item, it will disappear in all cards with a common checklist.

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