Required properties for boards and card types

Manager no longer has to waste time completing important information on the card

Required properties for boards and card types

You can customize the required properties for each type of card and for each board. The manager no longer has to waste time completing important information on the card. It is enough to configure the required properties once in the cards of each type or specific board, and the performers will immediately indicate all the necessary data on the task.

Required properties for the types of cards

For example, we want developers to always indicate a due date for cards with bugs. To do this, we create a type of card “Bugs” and in its settings we prescribe the obligatory property “Due date”. Now, in cards of this type, the “Due date” field will be highlighted in color.

And if this property is not filled in, then a warning will appear on the front of the card that the required property have not been filled in.

How to customize properties for a card type

Go to Menu → Card types.

Click on “Add card type” or on an existing type.

Click on the “Add property” → select which fields should be in the cards of this type → check the box under "Required".

Click “Save”.

Required properties for the board

Required properties can be customized for a specific board as well. In this case, you choose for which lanes and types of cards the required properties will apply.

For example, a sales department board. All transaction cards must contain the following information: transaction amount, contact name and title.

But it should be taken into account that the “Deal” card type is used on other boards in this space, and there is no need for data that is important for sales specialists.

In this case, it is convenient to configure the required properties specifically for the sales department board.

How to set up the required properties for the board

Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the board → Properties of the card suggested for filling.

In the window that appears, click on “Add property” → select a property and configure on which tracks and in what types of cards it will appear → check the box "Required". Click “Save”.

If you have any questions about setting up required properties, write to Kaiten’s chat. We will help you figure it out.