Our customer's experience: Buildo case

Our customer's experience: Buildo case

Client company and its challenge

Software development is a complex process. The creation of an application requires a wide range of specialists — designers, engineers. programmers, UI/UX, QA, support specialists, etc. Hence efficient workflow and communication are essential. Buildo was struggling with maintaining a clear picture and was looking for a kanban-based solution. And we are pleased that among a wide variety of products they chose Kaiten. What changes did it bring?

  • no more whiteboards or confusing apps with abundant functionality;
  • everything is clear and user-friendly, which helps to put priorities and smoothen workflow;
  • current snapshots and metrics are easy to get and evaluate.

All of this and more you can try here.


The adoption went quite well and Kaiten already became an invaluable part of the client's stack. It saves time and allows to spend it more efficiently, its visualization tools and automatic snapshots help the team to communicate better and make decisions more efficiently. Impressive? You can do it too. Start your journey with Kaiten.