New Timeline module, formulas in cards and integration with calendar and Slack

Timeline — is a section that implements the concept of top-level planning

New Timeline module, formulas in cards and integration with calendar and Slack

The most interesting things:

  • ‘Timeline’ — is a section that implements the concept of top-level planning;
  • ‘Formula’ — properties that allow you to calculate a value based on other card fields.

And more:

  • Integration with Google Calendar (Synchronize all your tasks with your personal calendar.);
  • Subscribe to Slack deadlines.

‘Timeline’ — section that implements the concept of top-level planning

Timeline is a visual representation of planned and current tasks over time. This mode allows you to set a time frame for each task, i.e. the start and end date of work on it.

In Kaiten, you can stretch and narrow the time intervals for tasks. You can also move the time slot along the timeline:

The timeline may have different scales:

You can assign a person to a task when pointing at a time slot:

You can add and edit tasks directly in Timeline mode without going back to the Boards:

You can change the column and the lane in which the card is located:

You can also get a report in .xlsx format by simply clicking on the “Download” button to the left of the scale selection.

New type of the custom property — ‘Formula’

Earlier we announced the possibility to add your own properties to the cards. We told you about the types of such properties. Now we present you a new property type — “Formula”.

This type is used for any calculations. You can insert the values of fields like “Number” or “String”, another formula or just use it as a calculator.

For example, you can count RICE Score:

  1. Create 4 ‘Number’ properties (Reach, Impact, Confidence and Effort)

2. Create a formula for calculating RICE = (Reach * Impact * Confidence) / Effort

3. Switch to ‘Grid’ display mode

4. In “Columns Settings” select the card fields to be displayed in the table.

5. Enter the calculated values in the table. The formula will be calculated automatically.

Note: By default, the newly added formula is calculated for all company cards, and the results are displayed on the card facades. You can customize this behavior when creating a formula or change it later by changing the formula settings from “Custom properties”.

Subscribe to Slack deadlines

It is now possible to receive daily notifications about the deadlines through our Slack Bot. You can subscribe by prescribing the following command: /kaiten subscribe duedates


  1. Select the space or board from which you want to receive notifications

2. If you select a board in space, you will be able to select specific columns. Then select how many days before the deadline the bot will start sending notifications. And also the time at which the notifications will arrive.

3. This is how a properly processed Slack request looks:

Calendar integration

Do you use an electronic calendar and are used to seeing your whole schedule? We have made the scheduling process even easier: add all your deadlines (or only from certain spaces) to your calendar.

Integration is possible with Google Calendar (and other web calendars), Microsoft Outlook, Apple Calendar.

It’s possible to configure two types of integration. Download to calendar:

  1. All the deadlines on the cards that relate to you:

1.1. Go to the “Profile” section

1.2. Select the “Calendar integration” subsection

1.3. Create a link to add a calendar

2. Deadlines on cards from a specific space:

2.1. Go to the right space

2.2. Press the gear to the right of the space name

2.3. Go to ‘Space settings’

2.4. Select the “Calendar integration” section

Once you have received the link for integration, add this calendar to yours.