Documents, card sharing and other October updates

The “Documents” module has appeared in Kaiten, which allows you to store all the necessary information in one place with your cards

Documents, card sharing and other October updates

Spare tasks/projects with detailed description documents, pictures or just keep working notes in Google Docs, spending time and concentration on switching between services?

The “Documents” module has appeared in Kaiten, which allows you to store all the necessary information in one place with your cards. Built-in text editor allows you to highlight important places with familiar tools.

Split the text by the meaning of titles, add lists, attach pictures.

Folders in folders

Want to structure your documents? Sort them with folders that can have as many levels as you want.

Access and editing rights

For each folder and document, you can set up access for other users in your account.

Open access to everyone in the company or only specific people.

You can make it so that one person can create documents in a folder and another person can only read them. Separate the roles of users:

  1. Administrator — creates, deletes and edits folders, documents. Can change the roles of other users.
  2. Editor — can create and edit folders and documents.
  3. Read-only

Publication of documents

Do you want to show the document to a person who does not work in Kaiten? Make the document public.

A public link to a document is generated automatically — the only thing left is to share it.

For example, this announcement was written in “Documents” —

And how do you use the “Documents” module? What functionality would you like to add?

Public access to the card

Do you want to show the card filling to people who do not work in Kaiten? (At meetings, external performers)

No problem! You can share your cards.

To the right of the blocking button click on “Public access to the card”. Then we confirm our intention to publish the contents of the card.

Automatically generates 4 references:

  1. Public url — open the card in a separate tab of the browser
  2. Widget — embed a card as a widget on the site
  3. Embedded image
  4. Embedded code

If necessary, set the date by which the card will be available by public link.

The last step is to choose the displayed filling of the card:

Here we go! The example card above is available at:

Note: the user must have rights to this operation, issued in the administrative section “Members”. The functionality is available only at paid rates.

SD Updates

  1. Now the emails that are sent to the customer by e-mail display the fields that you have marked as “Show in request”.

2. Notification settings have been changed — the customer no longer receives information about changes in card description and has no access to this description.

Other updates

  1. Previously, the author of moving the card automatically became a member (or responsible if there are no participants) when the card moves from a column with the type “queue” to columns with types “in work” or “ready”. It is now possible to change this option in the rules of the board:

2. The “Completed” filter has been added in the “Table” and “Archive” modes. When applied, the cards are displayed, assured in the period specified by you.

3. You can now select several start and end columns in the “Control chart”, “Spectral chart” and “Lead time” reports.

Write to us on Facebook about how you use it, what points you need to tell us more. We will also be glad to help you set up a free consultation. You can sign up here.