Custom properties, authorization by PIN and other useful updates

Meanwhile there are so many new features, that it was really hard to fit them all into one article

Custom properties, authorization by PIN and other useful updates

Hi there! It has been a long time since the last announcement about our updates. Meanwhile there are so many new features, that it was really hard to fit them all into one article.

Today you will find out what is possible in Kaiten now:

  • Custom properties
  • New timesheets section in dashboard
  • Authorization by PIN
  • Ability to copy card due date
  • Ability to copy and transfer template checklists
  • Add a Draft PR for GitHub integration
  • Updated administrative section “Time tracking”

Custom properties

How it was?

The card had a fixed set of properties: tags, type, due date, size and etc…

When you wanted to add some additional information to a card, you had to use Tags or use card header for that purpose.

And now?

You are able to create your own property, for example ‘project’ (task categorization by project), ‘version’ (release number that the task is entered into), ‘priority’ (if prioritization is required beyond the task location in the column)

How to create a custom property?

There are two ways:

  1. In the ‘Custom properties’ section of the administrative block
    * click ‘Add custom property’

2. Straight out of the card by selecting the option ‘Create new property’

What types of properties are there?

When creating a new custom property, you can choose its type (String, Email, Select, Multi select and Number) and display options (show on the facade of the card, add the property to the cards). Let’s touch upon in greater detail:


Allows you to send a letter directly from the card to the address specified in the field. Now you can, for example, assign a contact person for communication by task, in addition to selecting the responsible one.


This type limits the choice to just one tag. This type of custom property can be used to mark “version” (the release number that the task is planned or included in).

Multi select

The difference between ‘Select’ and ‘Multi select’ is that you have no limits for the number of tags.


This type is used for any quantitative values. We in Kaiten use them to denote the number of hypotheses that are within the task.

It is also useful for RICE and ICE Score methods. The priority level of the task will be reflected right on the facade of the card. You can filter out the cards with the highest rating and quickly determine which task to start in the first place.

That is how a card with additional custom properties will look like. But if you do not want all tags to reflect on the facade, you can just remove this option:

How to filter cards by tags?

For convenient work with cards we have added a filter by custom properties:

1. Click the “Add filter” button in the upper right corner
2. In the drop-down list select the name of the custom property by which the filtering will be performed
3. Select the value of chosen custom property

Who can create additional custom properties?

The property can be created by the owner of the company, as well as by participants who have the right to to create custom properties. The way of granting rights is detailed below:

Authorization by PIN-code

Now you do not have to enter a password every time you log in to Kaiten. We added the ability to authorize with a PIN-code that comes to your e-mail.

For new companies, this option is enabled by default. For the current ones it could be enabled in “Company settings”. To do it, you should change authorization settings by clicking the checkbox next to this option.

Also for new companies activation may be required: please follow the link from the letter to the mail of the company owner. Activation is required for companies whose owner already has an account with Kaiten.

New timesheets section in Dashboard

Now you can see a list of all user time logs, as well as set up a filter by date and tags. All this can be found in the new Timesheets section.

You can find Timesheets:
1. Go to ‘Dashboard’
2. Click ‘Timesheets’ in the top right corner

Filtering capabilities

And last but not the least — in the Timesheets section it is possible to filter not only by spaces, but also by boards and columns. In addition, a filter by tags has been added too.

New option ‘Copy due date’

Now when cloning a card, you can copy the due date or change it, time and urgency of the task.
In the drop-down list you can click the ‘Copy due date’’ checkbox and, by clicking on ‘Due date’, select the date and time for the child task.

You can copy and transfer template checklists

In order to make the work with checklists as easy as possible, we have added the possibility to copy and transfer them. Now checklists and acceptance criteria that are repeated from task to task can be duplicated in one click.

Action ‘Draft PR’ opened for the integration with GitHub

  1. New settings for draft-pr
  2. Conversion from draft-pr to regular is now processed as opening PR