Kaiten Summary Board

See the big picture and drive deeper if needed

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What’s the problem?

There are many tasks and flows. The project has ballooned…

Your customers are concerned. They need to know at what stage their project is now. You are concerned. There are a lot of processes and you can't see the complete picture. What’s needed?

What’s needed?

It’s all about summarizing and generalization the flows, tasks and boards

You need to keep the customers informed and updated. You need to focus your team on the gist of the work, not the routine.

We've got the solution

Kaiten Summary Board

Kaiten Summary Board gives you the opportunity to see the complete picture of the project. Say “No” to micromanagement.

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Features that will help you

Top-level view

Kaiten Summary Board helps decompose tasks and create different flows (business, technical, etc.)


You can link tasks together — divide big tasks or just telling what tasks are related

Automatic task status change

When all subtasks are ready, the parent task moves to the last column of the summary board